The Worst Thanksgiving Meal Stains

With the veritable cornucopia of unique dishes associated with the traditional Thanksgiving meal, comes along the veritable cornucopia of rug and carpet stains that can occur during the annual gathering. Here’s a guide to the worst kinds of Thanksgiving meal stains,  as prepared by the rug cleaning experts here at Aladdin Oriental Rug.

Butter Stains

This staple of any meal sits on the table from the very start. The best way to deal with butter rug stains is to treat them as soon as possible, removing the grease with a dot of dish soap rubbed into the stain and rinsed off.


This serious stain can spill from the boat very easily, and is a combination of protein and grease. Refer to our recent blog entry for removing grease stains for the best way to deal with removing gravy stains.


This tannin based stain can leave an unmistakable and indelible bright red stain on your carpets and rugs. You need to treat cranberry stains AS SOON AS POSSIBLE, otherwise they will set into the fabric forever.


While pumpkin pie is delicious, it represents an awful stain source for rugs and carpets. As a mostly solid, you need to scrape off the majority of the pumpkin before applying your cleaning agent to the stain so as to avoid spreading the stain around or pushing it deeper into your rug’s fibers.

Red Wine

Similar to cranberry stains, red wine stains are tannin based and pose a serious issue for permanent marks on your carpets and rugs. Make sure that when you’re using cleaning agents to blot up this stain, that the cloth or absorbant pad that you’re using is as white, spotless, and clean as possible.

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