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Spring Cleaning Allergy Tips


As the thermometer creeps up and Spring and Summer arrive, many people will begin sneezing – a sign that allergy season has officially started. While the warmth of the sun surely will be welcome over the freeze of a few months ago, it also brings about a large amount of allergens – namely pollen which can make it’s way into the home, and stick inside upholstery and carpets. By utilizing regular carpet cleaning to eliminate impacted allergens and grout cleaning to remove any mold from tiles, you can prevent your allergies from getting that bad, so that instead of suffering from clogged up sinuses and a runny nose, you can get outside and enjoy the much nicer weather. Here’s some great tips for keeping your home healthier and allergy free.

Be Aware of What your Triggers Are

It’s important to learn what allergens trigger allergic reactions in you or your family members. The most common allergy triggers are animal dander, pollen, dust mites, mold spores, and cockroaches. If your triggers are outdoor alxlergens, keep your windows closed. If they are indoor allergens, open all the windows in order to air out the entire house. Read More →

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Hard Floors are Worse for Allergies


Spring is the season for allergies. Even if you don’t have any dietary allergies, the inflow of pollen in spring months can trigger allergy symptoms in almost anyone. Common opinion holds that rugs and carpets are inherently more allergy provoking than hardwood floors, as the fibers in carpets are more supple and might carry more pollen or pet dander. However surprising, this is actually incorrect. Hardwood floors are actually much worse for allergy sufferers than carpeted floors – here’s some of the reasons why.

Hard Floors retain bacteria, germs, and allergens

Even if you regularly mop the floor, your mopping is only removing a layer of dust. Many other germs, bacteria, and allergy triggering substances can remain on the floor unless you very thoroughly clean the carpet with special cleaning solutions. Carpets, in many ways, are much much easier to clean.

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