oriental rug repair
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Restoring Oriental Rug to Its Original State

Restore the original beauty of your rug with help from our repair experts, no matter the extent of damage. The required time and expense for restoration depends on the condition and value of the rug measured against the cost of repair. Our knowledgeable staff at Aladdin Rug Service will help you make your decision.

Rug Repair requires enormous technical skill and precision, as well as discernment in the matching of yarn, texture and color. Our professional staff is able to recreate and reweave portions of any rug and its underlying foundation to make a damaged piece stand out again. Many rugs we repair have been passed down through generations, and have a worn-in and aged that includes handmade rugs and kilims, including hand knotted rugs (commonly referred to as Oriental rugs or Persian rugs); Navajo rugs; and hand hooked rugs. Our professional staff is trained in all aspects of restoration, having achieved expertise through years of experience. We have assembled a team of master restorers to provide a full range of services for your needs.

Our Rug Services Includes:

  • Overcasting (or “whip stitching) exposed weft loops
  • Blocking
  • Curling Prevention
  • Double Wrapping
  • Shearing
  • Hand-Serging
  • Placement
  • Re-knotting
  • Rubber Stripping
  • To bind edge warps
  • Patching
  • Stitching of tears and cuts
  • Edge Reinforcement
  • Rod Looping
  • Installing hanging loops for wall
  • Adding on new fringe / Replacing fringe (Cotton, Mercerized Cotton, Wool, Silk)