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Carpet Colors and Emotion


If you find inspiration in the pages of an interior design brochure, or from the bold-colored carpets in your local design store, think about how you may feel when the color paint inside your new home finally dries. Many interior design professionals and psychologists acknowledge the strong effect that carpet color can have on people’s mood.

How Color and Decor can affect Psychology

Color psychology is the study of how different colors can affect human’s feelings and emotions. According to a quote on the Pantone Color Website, there’s a whole bunch of stimulation happening inside one’s brain when they see color that may not be immediately apparent. “The psychological association of a color is often more meaningful than the visual experience… Scientists have found that actual physiological changes take place in human beings [when exposed to particular] colors. Colors can stimulate, excite, depress, tranquilize, increase appetite, and create a feeling of warmth and coolness.”

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Analyzing the Benefits of Using Traditional or Modern Rugs

choosing rugs

Rugs can be the centerpiece of a room’s energy – they serve as the foundation for the area’s color palate, which the rest of the room’s decor and furniture compliments – or clashes with. When choosing the ideal decorative environment for your home, it’s important to consider utilizing both traditional Persian rugs, as well as more contemporary, modern designs.

Traditional patterns rugs, Contemporary Use

For a long time when people talked about Oriental rugs or handmade carpets, they’d be referencing a very established style of Persian rug with fringes, a border, and classical design symbolism. Nowadays, with the advent of the modern area rug, you have an entire new category of decor. These rugs are made on upright looms, similarly to how carpets and rugs have been traditionally crafted for thousands of years, however, their designs are contemporary and Western.

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