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Worst Substances that can be Spilled on your Carpet

There’s a range of stains that are the absolute worst things that can get spilled on your carpet or rug due to difficult removal, terrible odors, or bright and garish colors. Here’s a guide to the worst substances that could be spilled on your carpet or rug, as prepared by the rug and carpet stain removal experts here at Aladdin Oriental Rug.

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5 Toughest to Remove Rug and Carpet Stains

Here at Aladdin Oriental Rug, we often get asked by customers about what are the worst possible stains for carpets or rugs. While there’s no stains that our expert carpet cleaners cannot handle, certain forms of stains are certainly harder to handle than others. Here’s a guide to the worst carpet and/or rug stains out there. Read More →

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