Rug Cleaning for a Healthy Home

Here at Aladdin, we understand exactly how important area and oriental rugs are to keeping the warm ambiance of a home. It’s our business and passion. Rug cleaning is an essential part of keeping your home clean and welcoming. Oriental rugs become the focal point of the rooms they are put in, with their every pattern, coloring, sizing, shaping, and texture melding well with all the room’s furniture. It’s important to consider how to maintain the room’s durability and beauty over long periods of time.


A dirty rug can easily become home for dirt, dust, allergens, pet dander, bacteria, pieces of decaying food, and insects – which pose health risks for children, seniors, and everyone else. Here’s why rug cleaning is an important part of keeping a healthy home.


Causes of Area Rug Damage

As time passes, stains, spills, pet dander, dust, pollen, dirt, hair, waste from shoes, and other debris can  get stuck in rugs, pressed deeper by walking feet. Direct sunlight can even cause rug damage, albeit not with the associated health hazards of particulates.


Correcting Rug Damage for Home Health


Make sure to vacuum your carpets and area rugs almost every day in order to keep out dry soil and dirt that can quickly accumulate.


No Shoes Policies

By implementing a no shoe policy inside your house, you can keep your oriental rugs and area rugs clear of allergens. All sorts of allergens stick to the underside of your shoes, including dirt and allergens from outdoors, and germs from everywhere you walk.


Professional Rug Cleaning

The best way to keep rugs clean and your home allergen and germ free is by ensuring that your rugs get cleaned regularly and meticulously. By making sure your area rugs and oriental rugs professionally cleaned, you will ensure that they last longer, and are healthier and cleaner for your home. Contact Aladdin today for a professional rug cleaning!

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