Draught Marks (Filtration Soiling) on Carpets

Draught Marks (Filtration Soiling) on Carpets

What are draught markings?

Draught markings are dark, dirty, or soiled spots that appear on carpets on the edges of the walls or under doorways. Sometimes they can even be found in other areas of the rug along the pattern of the floorboards.


Draught markings are otherwise known as filtration soiling, fogging, or dust markings. They are caused by contaminated air with microscopic dirt particles – the carpet filters the dirt from the air, causing an ugly stain on the carpet or rug.


Carpets can be soiled by contaminated air in these ways:

  • It passes upwards through gaps between the floorboards.
  • Through gaps under the skirting boards.
  • Through holes within the carpet caused by carpet fitting devices or nails.
  • Through gaps under doors with high air concentration.
  • Through gaps under the underside of curtains, which usually creates a wavy line pattern.
  • Through air vents that are positioned close to the carpet.


How can we prevent draught markings?

The most effective way of preventing these unsightly marks from marring your carpets is to draught proof your carpet – this can be accomplished by putting hardwood sheets above the existing floorboards, taping their joints together to prevent air leaks, putting paper on top of it for extra protection, and using a flexable weather stripping like mastic to seal any space between the floor and the board. If all these steps are followed it’s highly unlikely you’ll have the necessary air currents to create draught markings.


How can we cure draught markings?

Unfortunately it’s quite hard to completely remove evidence of a draught marking. Since the soiling of the rug happens on a microscopic level, the oil of the dirt might remain bonded to the fibers of the carpet. The ability to remove the stain depends on what kind of soil it’s made of and how long it has been on the carpet. The fresher the stain, the easier it is to remove. Venting marks – the marks that run the perimeter of rooms or rugged stairs, is caused by the limitation of upright vacuum cleaners to get right up to the carpet’s edge – prevented from doing so by bulky casing. Eventually all the unvacuumed dirt in the edges accumulates and becomes a serious black stain. We recommend the use of a crevice vacuum, or vacuum plug in to help suck up all the dirt caught up in the corners of your rug.

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