Benefits of Green Rug and Carpet Cleaning

Having your rugs and/or carpets cleaned with environmentally friendly products and techniques offers more than the simple benefit of knowing you’re not contributing to pollution and the degradation of our precious environment. There’s tons of fantastic benefits of green rug cleaning – here’s just a few, as prepared by the green carpet and rug cleaning experts at Aladdin Oriental Rug.


Green carpet and rug cleaning is infinitely safer than normal cleaning methods for children, pets, and anyone else. Regular carpet and rug cleaners are rife with nasty chemicals, and when used in your home, you will walk on them and inhale them. Companies that use non-green cleaning solutions will usually advise you to avoid the rug or carpet when it’s trying. Green cleaners are nontoxic and organic, meaning they are safe for health. Not to mention that they are safe on the environment – being biodegradable and without hazardous chemicals. Normal cleaning agents bleed into the environment in ways that affect all sorts of ecosystems, from trees and plants, to fish and water flora. Not to mention that when it enters water, it potentially moves into drinking water.

Fast Dry

Green carpet cleaners utilize way less water than the alternatives, meaning that your rug or carpet will dry much faster. Normal cleaners take 1-2 days to dry, and have to be avoided during the drying process. Green carpet and rug cleaners dry inside the time span of an hour. This helps reduce the chance of mold growing in the moisture of your rug or carpet, since mold spores thrive in wet environments.

Carpet Longevity

Carpet and rug cleaning with green cleaners help your carpet or rug last longer. Since green cleaners use less water, this means your carpet or rug will absorb less water – which can break down the materials it’s made of. Think of it like the way a t shirt will fade or rip the more it’s washed.

Cleaning Efficacy

Natural cleaning ingredients function as both disinfectants, odor reducers, and superior cleaners. They Simply work better than the chemical based alternatives. Deep cleaning with a green and organic solution removes over 90% of contaminants from your rugs. This means less risk of illnesses and allergies for the household, and a way higher track record of actually removing stains. The benefits of using green carpet or rug cleaners simply cannot be overstated – it’s really the only way to go.

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