Wool Carpet Cleaning Misunderstandings

Wool carpets are some of the most luxurious and pleasant pieces of home decor that anybody can install in their home, with a certain flair that can only originate from organic materials. However, many people misunderstand how to take care of their wool carpets, especially as it relates to the cleaning and stain removal of wool carpets. Here’s a guide to some common myths about cleaning wool carpets, as prepared by the carpet cleaning experts here at Aladdin Oriental Rug.

First Wool Carpet Cleaning Misunderstanding:

Don’t wet clean wool carpets (like with a wet dirt extractor,) in order to damage the fibers of your carpet.

True Fact: Wool is actually a form of hair. And just like human hair, it can be cleaned off with water. As long as a wet extraction machine is used properly, it will not damage your wool carpets.

Second Wool Carpet Cleaning Misunderstanding:

Wet cleaning wool carpets will shrink their fibers.

True Fact: Wool can be easily cleaned with lukewarm or cool water. Since wool is very absorbant, don’t saturate the wool carpet with too much cleaning solution.

Third Wool Carpet Cleaning Misunderstanding:

Wet cleaning a wool carpet will turn it brown.

True Fact: If a wool carpet is discolored after wet cleaning, it’s due to applying too much moisture to the backing of the carpet rather than it’s wool fivers. Make sure to test a small, area of your carpet before cleaning it all. This will ensure that it’s truly colorfast and that your cleaning attempt won’t discolor it.

Fourth Wool Carpet Cleaning Misunderstanding:

Wool needs to naturally air dry.

True Fact: Wool carpets should be dried as fast as possible. Make sure the room the carpet is in is well ventilated, and use air movers, fans, or blowers placed in areas that blow on the rug in order to dry it faster. If you are using a deep cleaning machine, make a few extra vacuum passes in order to remove more moisture and allow for faster drying.

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