Summer Carpet Upkeep

During the hot Summer season, rugs and carpets can really degrade from increased foot traffic, more soil tracked in from outdoors fun, as well as the longer sun exposure associated with longer days. The rug and carpet cleaning experts at Aladdin are skilled at cleaning and repairing this Summer associated carpet damage – but before you give our skilled rug cleaning servicemen a call, you might want to know some ways that you can reduce the chances of Summer rug and carpet damage yourself. Here’s a quick guide to necessary Summer carpet upkeep.

Keep Shoes Off

Make a policy to take your shoes off when you enter the home. If you’re having a party, buy a bunch of cheap slippers, or at least covers for your guest’s shoes. This will drastically lower the amount of dirt, grease, or other things that can be tracked into your home from the outdoors.

Get a rug mat

If you’re having a party at your home, or a backyard that gets constant traffic from the people that live in your home, consider putting down a rug mat, runner, or cover that will reduce dirt tracking and physical wear on carpets or rugs. Additionally, make sure to put a scratchy doormat at all entrances to help people wipe off their shoes upon entrance.

Constant Vacuuming

This important task will allow for the removal of allergens, dirt, and dust from carpets – which if left in place, can degrade the delicate fibers of a rug over time. Try placing some baking soda on your rug to absorb any smells before vacuuming them – and make sure to vacuum AT LEAST once a week.

Professional Cleaning

Here is the major solution. By hiring professional rug and carpet cleaning and maintenance experts once in a while, you can ensure the continued longevity and health of your rugs and/or carpets for long years to come. Professional carpet repair personnel have the necessary non-toxic solvents and technological equipment to repair any small issues with rugs, as well as deep clean them – with zero headache or sweat. It’s simply the best solution to any rug or carpet issues out there – and the best way to preserve rugs and make sure they last not only the entire Summer, but for many years ahead.

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