Rug Sun Bleaching

One of the other fantastic benefits to coming warm weather is the anticipation of the beautiful Spring and Summer sun. While humans take this as an invitation to get their tan on, rugs and carpets aren’t so excited – they can be affected by sun fading during these months. Here’s a guide as prepared by the rug and carpet longevity experts at Aladdin Oriental Rug Services on what sun fading is, and how to prevent it in your rugs and carpets.

How Sun Fading Happens

Fading is a normal process caused by a combination of factors including fabric type, fabric color, dye type, dye method, exposure to light, and location. Any fine antique rug that already has muted tones are subject to fading processes that happen to all home furnishings, but their beauty is just increased with this process. The process of fading really begins the second a carpet or rug is placed into natural light.

How to Prevent Rug Sun Fading

Sun fading can dull or even change the colors of your favorite rug or carpet, making them a completely different unrecognizable hue. It’s easy to prevent sun rug fading. Here’s hhow; simply follow these steps:

  1. Place rugs outside of direct sunlight- Usually, even if the sun can technically reach it with it’s rays, carpets and rugs are safer in the center of the room rather than next to the windows – unless it’s directly under a broad skylight.

  2. Close your curtains – Even if you prefer to keep them open to let the natural light in when you’re at home, close them before you go to work when the typical heat of the sun shines brightest.

  3. Protect your windows – Use ultraviolet blocking window coating that come in completely impossible to notice transparent versions that let natural light in without the solar radiation that can fade rugs.

  4. Use rug protectors – Some stores sell fluorocarbon rug protectors that can be applied to your rug every once in a while. This provides fantastic layers of protection for your rug or carpet from the sun’s fading rays; just make sure that whatever product you purchase, that it’s safe for the material your rug or carpet is made out of.

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