Removing Chlorine Stains from Rugs

In the heat of this amazing Summer, there’s really almost nothing that sounds better to us than taking a cool and refreshing dip in a swimming pool. Unfortunately, there’s major risks to your oriental rugs or carpets associated with swimming in pools – the dreaded chlorine stains. Chlorine, a chemical used to disinfect water in swimming pools, is an intense compound that can severely damage organic dyes, bleaching them. Here’s a brief guide to dealing with chlorine stains on rugs or carpets, as prepared by the rug and carpet cleaning experts at Aladdin Oriental Rug.

Sodium Thiosulphate Removal

  • Use this photographic fixer on a brand new or just starting stain. Soak an absorbent cloth in the sodium thiosulphate (look for it at your local aquarium or photo development location – it’s often called ‘Dechlor.’
  • Blot the stain until it disappears or the fabric can’t soak up any more of the chemical.
  • Rinse the area with water, and repeat.

Vinegar Chlorine Removal

  • This natural approach is best used with white vinegar.
  • Dab a cloth soaked through with white vinegar until the entire stain is saturated.
  • Rinse off the vinegar, and repeat the process. Vinegar neutralizes the chlorine, removing the stain and deactivating the bleaching process through removing the film that the chlorine adds to the natural fabric.

Fabric Marker Chlorine Stain Removal

We don’t guarantee that this method won’t affect the appearance of your carpet or rug, but it might be the better option as opposed to an ugly yellow chlorine stain (although the best approach is to contact us and get your carpet or rug professionally treated.)

  • Buy a fabric marker at your local craft store. Choose a color that most closely matches the area of the fabric that’s stained. Test the marker on a hidden part of the fabric first, and if it doesn’t have bad results, use it on the stain.
  • Expose the treated area of the fabric to direct sunlight for a while to fade out the area around the spot, evening out the coloring.
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