Preventing Moth Damage on Rugs and Carpets

Moth infestations can quickly cause severe damage to rugs and carpets of all types – and very often, this damage occurs subtly – with moths only being detected after the damage is done. Luckily, the experts here at Aladdin Oriental Rug understand the in’s and out’s of moth prevention, moth infestation remedy, and moth damage repair for carpets and rugs. If you suspect that your carpets / rugs are being damaged by moth activity, contact the rug and carpet repair and restoration experts here at Aladdin Oriental Rug for instant solutions.

Killing Moths on Carpets

There are a number of available remedies for moth infestations on carpets – ranging from chemical and temperature based strategies. A popular choice is all-natural, non-toxic moth treatments (usually containing pyrethrins, a natural extract of chrysanthemum flowers) – guaranteed to work as well as leading pesticides all without risking toxins in your home or business. Very often, combined treatments are utilized – especially in situations with a severe moth infestation. This will consist of various treatments to destroy both adult moths, and those in their pupae, larval, or egg stages – all all nooks and crannies of your carpet or rug. The experts here at Aladdin Oriental Rug can provide you with moth treatment solutions of unparalleled effectiveness, safety, and efficiency – and all for a fair and budget-friendly rate.


Moth Prevention on Wool Rugs

The key to moth prevention for carpets and rugs is regular cleaning. Make sure to regularly clean air ducts that can blow debris that acts as food for moth larvae around your house. Make sure to clean all wool rugs (or other woolen materials) before storage, to prevent it from becoming moth food. While vacuuming carpets and rugs, make sure to vacuum it’s ENTIRE surface – including areas that are covered with furniture (this often becomes egg-laying areas for moths.) Additionally, vacuum all cracks in your baseboards that could collect debris or dust. Make sure to always clean up any liquid spills (including pet urine, although we hope you’d want to clean this up anyway) or soils on your carpet or rug – as these can provide needed nutrition to moths.


Identify Moths on Carpets and Rugs

Moths – especially during the early stages of it’s life – can be incredibly small. They will often leave telltale silken threading or cases, signs of their development. You may find larvae the same color of your carpet fibers – this is due to the moth’s consumption of dye in the carpet pile. Moths will usually search for undisturbed and dark areas to lay eggs. You can often detect moths based on small bald patches in the corners or edges of your carpet or rug. Another sign of moth activity is loose carpet fibers sitting on top of the pile – which is usually caused by larvae eating the rug foundation’s knots. You additionally may find cocoons – which appear like fuzzy cylinders the same color of your rug/carpet pile – an act of camouflage. Lastly, you may see moth larvae underneath the carpet’s pile. If you see ANY signs of moth activity on your carpet or rug, reach out to the experts here at Aladdin Oriental Rug as soon as possible; our carpet/rug moth damage experts will arrive at your location, determine if there’s moth activity happening, and provide you with instant solutions on the spot.

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