Little Known Advantages of Professional Rug Cleaning

Professional rug cleaning really is miles ahead of the alternative of amateur hand washing of rugs. Not only does professional cleaning more successfully remove dirt, dust, and debris from rug fibers, but it actually can improve the longevity of your rugs bold colors and delicate materials! Here’s some of the lesser known advantages of professional rug cleaning, as prepared by the experts at Aladdin Oriental Rug.

Professional Cleaning Increases your Rug’s Longevity

Regular professional cleaning with increase the natural lifespan of your rug. This amount of time varies on the materials used to create your rug, but it’s a fact that professional cleaning will make the rug last significantly longer. This is especially necessary if you have pets that spend lots of time laying on the rug, which will cause stains and odor. This is also necessary if you regularly



Insects like wool moths, carpet beetles, silverfish, and crickets can all infest your rug, causing extreme damage. A professional rug cleaner can apply special anti-insect products to your rug that is safe for humans, pets, and the rug itself.

Rug Binding

A professional rug cleaner can extend the lifespan of your rug by rebinding the woolen trim around its perimeter. This will make your rug look aesthetically better, and reenforce it with added strength – a major advantage, especially if it sees lots of foot traffic.

Simple Rug Solutions

Hiring a professional rug expert is the best approach for rug cleaning and maintenance, as they have the experience to quickly analyze your rug and determine what processes are necessary for it. This saves you the time that would be spent through amateur researching of the rug type, materials, and necessary cleaning solutions. Working with a licensed professional rug cleaner gives you the advantage of their expertise- which provides custom focused solutions for your rug in a much more elegant and efficient manner.

Gentle Rug Treatments

Professional rug cleaners will be better able to provide your rug with gentle cleaning techniques that will ensure that they don’t get damaged. This is accomplished through the use of of safe, green, environmentally friendly, natural, and gentle professional rug cleaning products all in the trained and industry-approved ideal technique for removing rug stains.

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