Carpet Protectors

There’s tons of important reasons to consider using a carpet protector. Here’s a few great reasons to use a carpet protector, as prepared by the rug and carpet cleaning experts at Aladdin Oriental Rug.


Carpet protectors will extend the lifespan of your carpet or rug. Your carpet or rug will be protected from dirt, mold, bacteria, and moisture, saving you money.

Ease of Cleaning

Dry soil, chemicals, and moisture can seriously damage rugs and carpets. Soil abrades their surfaces – and soil is way easier to clean up with carpet protectors. Chemicals can penetrate and become a permanent part of rugs and carpets; carpet protectors can stop them from doing so. Carpet protectors make it much easier for you to vacuum up soil, and create a barrier against liquid stains.

Odor Prevention and Air Improvement

Carpet protectors can help prevent odors from setting into your rug and carpet, keeping them smelling good. This improves your general air quality, minimizing allergens and mold that can cause health problems – all without having to use harsh cleaning products.


Since rugs and carpets are walked on a daily basis, they can look rather worn in a small amount of time. Carpet and rug protectors help protect the appearance of your carpet as well as preserving it’s color tone.

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