Carpet Protection during Parties

Holiday parties can be some of the coziest and warmest moments of the entire year – however they can prove to be disastrous for your carpets and rugs. With all the merriment and cheer often comes celebratory eating and drinking, and (especially when drinking is thrown in the mix) this can pose major risks for stains. Here’s a guide from the carpet and rug cleaning team at Aladdin Oriental Rug on how to protect your carpets and/or rugs during your holiday parties.

Pre-Party Planning

Get your rugs and carpets professionally cleaned by licensed professionals a couple days before the party. This isn’t just to make your home look cleaner; there’s actually a psychological basis to having them cleaned. If your guests see how immaculate your rugs or carpets are, they are more likely to be very careful with their food and drinks so as not to spill any.

Covering Up

We recommend investing in some cheap area rug or carpet covers. Take these covering rugs and put them over your usual rugs or carpets before the party. While this costs money, it provides excellent peace of mind in knowing that your carpets or rugs won’t be at risk for staining – unless somebody dumps a gallon of wine on them.

Create No-Walking-Zones

If you’re highly concerned about a particular rug or carpet, cordon off that area away from guests, or transport the rug or carpet to an area that has a locked door, or that has been explained to guests as a no-entry zone. If you want to compromise, ask your guests to not wear shoes or bring drinks into particular rooms with carpets and/or rugs.


If there’s not a table, guests will likely put their food or drinks on any surface – which can include your furniture, or even rugs or carpets! Buy cheap folding tables at a thrift store or yard sale, and set the tables up in areas where guests are likely to hang out in, in order to create a stable and dedicated space for drinks and food to be set.


During the party, walk around and ask guests (in a friendly manner) to move drinks or food away from your carpet or rug if they are precariously positioned. As the party is winding down, grab a big and sealed garbage bag and throw away any half-finished food or drinks, which limits the chances of spillage.

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