Carpet Cleaning Misconceptions

Here at Aladdin Oriental Rug, our rug and carpet cleaning experts have heard every random theory about DIY carpet cleaning. Here’s our guide to some rug and carpet cleaning misconceptions that we’d like to vacuum up.

Vacuuming Often Hurts your Rug

Modern rugs have been made to withstand vacuuming. Regular vacuuming does not hurt your rug, but rather helps keep it clean from nearly 80% of dirt. Vacuuming should occur at LEAST once a week, and ideally more than that.

Hairspray Cleans Carpets

This is definitely a myth. Hairspray may improve the surface of your carpet in the short term, but it causes serious damage and leaves a residue that can further attract dirt.

New Carpets don’t need Cleaning

New carpets still need cleaning. New carpets are made to hide stains for a while – so get your new carpet professionally cleaned every half year at the least.

Ammonia can Clean Carpets

The high alkaline level of ammonia can really damage your carpet, as well as cause respiratory damage when it’s fumes are inhaled. Stains serious enough to cause you to consider ammonia based cleaning should be handled by carpet cleaning professionals like those at Aladdin Oriental Rug.

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