5 Toughest to Remove Rug and Carpet Stains

Here at Aladdin Oriental Rug, we often get asked by customers about what are the worst possible stains for carpets or rugs. While there’s no stains that our expert carpet cleaners cannot handle, certain forms of stains are certainly harder to handle than others. Here’s a guide to the worst carpet and/or rug stains out there.

Wine or Grape Juice

This stain quickly absorbs into carpet and rug fibers, indelibly staining them purple or red. This stain should be treated IMMEDIATELY while it is still wet with hydrogen peroxide. Wait a few minutes for the hydrogen peroxide to soak in, and then spray it with a combination of water and rug/carpet cleaning solution.


This common stain leaves a very ugly brown/yellow stain, and can be very hard to remove. Try using a combination of white vinegar and dishwasher detergent as soon as possible to minimize the stain damage from this organic material.


Blood stains from household injuries are similar to juice stains as they dry dark, and quickly soak into the rug. After tending to the injury and ensuring the hurt person is okay, use a combination of vinegar and natural cleaning solution – as well as hydrogen peroxide – to remove the stain as fast as possible, ideally while it’s still wet.

Body Fluids

Vomit or feces from a pet or small child is the worst case scenario stain, as it also leaves a horrible odor. Use baking soda to absorb moisture and eliminate odor, and try to deep clean the carpet or rug as soon as possible after the stain to increase your chances of fully removing it. Try treating the carpet or rug with a specialized cleaning solution or shampoo – because you really want to take an extreme and thorough approach to eliminate this stain.


This synthetic stain needs to be handled immediately to avoid the total permanent staining of a carpet. We recommend treating this chemical stain by treating it with ammonia, and then steam rinsing it with a special truck mount material (like those used by the expert rug and carpet cleaners at Aladdin Oriental Rugs) in order to fully eliminate it.

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