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silk rug cleaners nj
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Silk Rug

Preserve Silky Texture with our Hand Cleaning Process

Silk rugs can add a level of luxurious ambience to any room, reflecting on the rest of it’s decor and interior design. With the right color balance, the entire room will have a stunning effect - but only when your silk rug is spotless and pristine! If a silk rug is soiled or dirty, it will reflect poorly on the rest of the room. The best - and only - way to really preserve a silk rug’s pristine appearance is by having it cleaned by the professionals at Aladdin. Our company has a stellar reputation for offering the very best in silk rug care and cleansing services. We’re simply the best in the industry. If you’re seeking to have your silk rug cleaned, please don’t hesitate to contact the rug and carpet experts at Aladdin.

Our Silk Rug Cleaning Technique

For millennia, there’s been tons of procedures deployed to clean silk, and we’re still learning the best ones. Silk is a very widely used material, which is often integrated into wool carpeting to make it stronger - but these carpets are still delicate. There are tons of artificial types of silk like rayon, but these unnatural versions break down only after a few years. A truly natural silk rug can last for hundreds of years.

Before we clean any silk rug, we make sure that the cleaning process won’t cause any damage to the material. Even if the material has intense internal strength and tension, it’s still susceptible to chemical alteration, so we always make sure to be incredibly careful during any treatment. While getting your silk rug ready to get cleaned, it’s necessary to take into consideration which way it was made and how old it is. If you vacuum your rug often, it will keep soil from getting deep between the rug's fibers where it can tear them. However, it’s smart to not vacuum the fringe on a high setting, as it can mess with the texture. You have to clean rugs when soil builds up to an amount that change the texture or appearance of the rug.

First, we get rid of all the dust impacted within your rug. We vacuum it with professional, patented equipment that simply outdoes any normal consumer grade vacuum cleaner. Then we identify any stains on your rug, and choose the appropriate cleaning solutions for it - spotlessly removing them so your rug is as good as new. We can clean any form of stain - from food, to even the notoriously difficult pet waste - and always disinfect rugs accordingly. Then we wash or dry clean your rug, deodorize it, and if necessary, add a layer of stain resistant solution that will preserve it for long years to come.

So next time you’re seeking a solution for your dirty or soiled silk rug or carpet, look no further than the experts at Aladdin Oriental Rug Cleaning NJ!

Removing the Dust

The first step of our silk rug care program is to remove all dust from your rug. We vacuum your rug with advanced equipment that is no match for the regular vacuum cleaner you have in your home. This completely removes all dust particles even the ones that have burrowed deep down into the fibers. However, none of your fibers are spoilt in the process.

Dealing with the Spots

Our next phase involves identifying the different spots that are present on your rug. We study the stains and then determine appropriate cleaning chemicals and techniques. Using these, all the stains disappear even if they were eons old. Dry stains are best removed without any moisture. Wet stains are best blotted up with water. Silk rugs should never be treated with hot water which can ruin the material; we do all washing with lukewarm water.

The Professionals at Aladdin Oriental Rug Cleaning can take all of the guesswork out of the treatment process and ensure no damage is done to the delicate silk rug.