Rug Cleaning Process

Our Rug Cleaning Process

Our professional per-inspection and post rug inspection is the post important part in our rug cleaning process. Your rug is inspected thoroughly both on the top surface and then turned over so every bit of the bottom surface can be inspected. This process of hot water extraction, provides a deep clean for rugs, more thoroughly eliminating dirt and residue from cleaning products than any other method. Sometimes with older or more fragile rugs, we provide dry cleaning. Whatever kind of rug you have, we will carefully examine it, determining what the specific ideal cleaning process is for it.


    Our professionally trained technicians never rush a rug inspection - they provide an immense level of attention to detail, unparalleled by any other cleaning service. Your rug will be inspected on both the top level, and the backing, so every inch of it can be assessed. With ultra-violet light tools, spots like urine, mildew, spittle, and mold can be revealed. The structure of our tailored rug washing process will depend on the type of stains on the rug, as well as it's fibers, construction, and dyes. If a weak, worn, or extra sensitive area is shown, we take extra steps to make sure they are blocked off, in order to avoid any sorts of rips or tears.


    Many people are surprised to hear that vacuuming removes barely any dirt, much less than the true amount of dust that lingers within rugs. Using compressed air, our technicians can use the perfect amount of pressure to remove all particulates from your rugs safely, without damaging any of the fibers. Our patented air pressure tool removes all dry soil that is sitting in between the knots and foundation of your rug.


    We have a few patented methods of rug cleaning which we employ, depending on the type, or severity of the stain. Submission rug washing is done with a rotary scrubber, compression tool or squeegee, with disinfectant. We only use softened water and PH balanced soap. Of course, we only use cleaners that are safe to use with wool, silk, or cotton.

    When cleaning off animal excretion, insect mildew, urine, or mite infestations we use a full decontamination bath. This completely gets rid of all animal odors, as opposed to simply masking them, as many other rug cleaners do.


    Full drying is achieved through hanging, gravity, hair, and light heat. The rugs are lifted up out of all cleaning solutions, and dried quickly, yet gently. If the drying process is slowed or done to fast potential damage can occur


    After we complete all these cleaning processes, we need to remove any foreign matter that might be stuck to it. As we do this, we pay immensely close attention to preserving the integrity of the fiber and the dye as a major priority. As we finish, we rinse and comb out all the rug's fringes as a final step.


    Our courteous, efficient, and dedicated servicemen will deliver the carpet directly to your location at a time of your choosing, as well as installing it within your home - so you can enjoy the pristine beauty of your carpet, the same as when you bought it.