Residential Rug Cleaners

Residential Rug Cleaner

Aladdin Oriental Rug Cleaning is designed for the busy New Jersey professional who expects a high level of service at a competitive price at flexible times. Whether you are looking for a frequent rug cleaning or are moving in or out of your new home, Aladdin Oriental Rug Carpet Cleaning can help.

NJ Household Rug Cleaners

The best way to keep your home look beautiful very simple: keep up with the cleaning. Don’t wait until your carpet or Oriental rug looks dirty or dingy to clean it; by then the deterioration has begun. Regular cleaning is one of the easiest and most effective ways to keep furniture and floors looking new. While professional rug cleaning and care are important, there are a few things that homeowners can do that dramatically extend the life of their floors and furnishings. Read our oriental rug cleaning blog for more tips on rug cleaning tips.


At Aladdin Oriental Rug Cleaning, our rug cleaning specialists bring you state of the art equipment and up to the minute cleaning processes to make your home or business clean and inviting! We just know you’ll love the results and will find the entire preparation, cleaning, and finishing process painless, efficient, and rewarding. Our friendly, professional carpet cleaning technicians will work with you to bring the beauty of clean, fresh carpets to your home or commercial premises.

Rug Cleaning Company NJ

Our Rug Cleaning NJ facility will flush out any toxins, allergens, odors, bacteria and dust that has been trapped within the fibers. Regular vacuum is great and should be done as often as possible, however a deep cleaning of your area rugs should be done once every 11-18 months depending on the level of traffic. A standard 8×10 oriental area rug can hide up to 10-15 pounds of dust before it even begins to look dirty!

Aladdin Oriental Rug Service is an Expert Oriental rug repair NJ and rug restoration New Jersey, Oriental rug cleaning New Jersey Persian rug cleaning are our specialty.