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wool rug cleaners nj
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Wool Rug

Wool Rug Cleaning New Jersey

Rug makers have used wool as their main material for hundreds of years, and if well cared for, a wool rug can last for just as long. However, over time, all wool rugs require some form of cleaning. Regardless of how clean you keep your home, wool will act as a natural air filter, and accumulate layers of dust or particulates that detract from it’s beauty, and can contribute to allergies. The only way to clean a wool rug is through a professional rug cleaning - which the experts at Aladdin excel at. When you give us your wool rug, we will put it through our patented cleaning process, and ensure its lasting cleanliness and longevity for years to come!

We understand that wool rugs can come from many different areas of the world - and how the rug was created and what dyes were utilized are all factors that determine the best type of cleaning process. If the rug was dyed with vegetable based dye, it’s necessary to create a cleaning regimen that will protect the dyes from running. If amateurs try to clean a wool rug, they will likely use the wrong cleaning solution, causing all the color to run out of the rug. At Green Choice, we spot test all of our rugs to make sure that we’re using a safe process. The deep cleaning technique we use gets rid of all impacted stains, smells, and dust from your rugs.

Our patented Wool Rug cleaning Technique

We recommend using our services rather than trying to clean your rug at home. This is because rugs can be easily damaged by household cleaning products, which can cause material to shred and colors to bleed out. This will cause extensive damage to rugs, which can only be repaired through color restoration service, which is an entirely different process. Only professional rug cleaners can truly remove stains and impacted dust from your rugs.

Aladdin Wool Rug Cleaners NJ

We start by inspecting your rug thoroughly, documenting its quality, durability, as well a any stains. We identify the types of stains soiling your rug, and the best possible removal approach. We then apply custom cleaning agents to all stains, which will loosen the chemical bonds of the stain effectively disappearing it from your rug with zero adverse changes to the color or texture of the rug itself. Then we remove all dirt from your rug with advanced vacuum cleaners, and put it through a professional dry cleaning process that effectively removes every last particle of dirt and dust from your rug, restoring it’s pristine and attractive appearance.