Worst Substances that can be Spilled on your Carpet

There’s a range of stains that are the absolute worst things that can get spilled on your carpet or rug due to difficult removal, terrible odors, or bright and garish colors. Here’s a guide to the worst substances that could be spilled on your carpet or rug, as prepared by the rug and carpet stain removal experts here at Aladdin Oriental Rug.

Tomato Sauce

This natural red dye needs to be attacked as soon as possible with a clean towel and blotting – NOT RUBBING. Utilize a natural gentle carpet cleanser to treat the stain, and enlist the services of Aladdin’s experts to help you remove it.

Beer Stains

The worst part of these stains are their smell which can quickly make your carpet or rug smell like an old dive bar.


Wax quickly hardens when it dries, attaching itself to carpet or rug fibers. Color wax is even worse. Try applying an iron and a clean cloth to heat up the wax to liquify it, being careful not to spread it, and dab it with a cleaning solution.


Coffee’s proteins are very hard to remove – these stains are best removed by a professional.


Similar to wine or grape juice, blood is MUCH harder to remove when it’s dry, so these stains need to be attacked as soon as they occur, as soon as you make sure that whoever has gotten injured is OK.

Nail Polish

This harsh chemical is incredibly hard to remove, especially when dry. You will require steam to remove this stain, so you’re better off consulting the professional carpet and rug cleaners at Aladdin Oriental Rug to help you handle this.


This harsh base chemical can quickly stain any surface that’s not already pure white, and is maybe the hardest of all stains to remove, as it works quickly and often leaves permanent damage that even professionals cannot reverse. If you have a bleach stain on your carpet or rug, our team can help transplant an identical swatch of carpet or rug into the stained spot, making your rug or carpet look good as new. Always remember to clean bleach far far away from your carpets and rugs, ideally only in locations with hard tiled floors.

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