Rug/Carpet Protection Secrets

Here at Aladdin Oriental Rug, our expert technicians regularly perform repair and restoration service for rugs and carpets that have suffered natural or accidental degradation. Rug degradation is a natural process that happens over time, and rugs in high traffic areas are constantly placed in risk of abrasions, spills, and other occurrences. Here’s some tips prepared by our rug and carpet repair experts on different ways that you can ensure that your rugs and carpets stay clean.

Make a barefoot rule

Only walk in your house in bare feet, socks, or soft slippers. Never in your hard outdoor shoes. Whether you own a carpet or woven rug that contributes to the beauty of your home, you’re going to want to protect them from your shoes. This is especially important if the rug or carpet is in a high traffic area – and the more people regularly traverse over it, the more imperative it is to enforce a bare feet rule. This will not only prevent wear and tear, but the accumulation of allergens, pollutants, bacteria, germs, and dirt. By making a no shoes rule, you’re adding many years to your rug or carpet’s lifespan.

Vacuum Weekly

Make sure to vacuum your floors on a weekly basis in order to get rid of the small – but rapidly accumulating – crumbs and dirt that can stiffen up your rug, forcing fibers apart. This also gives you the opportunity to regularly inspect your carpet or rug for the stains that might happen every day. This prevents gradual wear, and also improves cosmetic appearance.

Rug Rotation

If your rug is in a high traffic area of your home like a living room, especially if there’s foot traffic over it, or if the sunshine hits it in a specific spot, make sure to rotate the rug every few months. This will allow for an evening out of foot traffic areas as well as sun areas, so that there’s not a single spot that’s worn, indented, or faded. This is a practical choice that will help your rug or carpet look more uniform and last for a longer amount of time. Of course these maintenance tips don’t replace the expert service that you can recieve from a professional like those at Aladdin Oriental Rug, but they should still be performed by every caring carpet or rug owner.

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