Professional Rug Cleaning’s Advantages Over Traditional Methods

There’s really no comparison to having your Oriental rug cleaned by a professional and attempting to clean it yourself. These delicate – and often antique – pieces of furniture are made with immense care, so why shouldn’t they be cleaned with the same level of care and attention to detail? In this blog post, the rug cleaning experts at Aladdin Oriental Rug will explain why it’s simply best to leave a dirty Oriental rug to the professionals.

The Real Process you should do

In order to take good care of a rug between having it professionally cleaned there’s a few tactics to tackle. Take the rug outside and shake it, beat it’s back to remove all dry materials. This is more gentle than using a consumer vacuum with a rotating brush head – or even worse, an older vacuum with a beater bar. If you are aggressive with vacuuming rugs, you will damage it’s fibers, making it look worn and causing it to shed. Sweep it with a natural bristle broom, which helps to slightly agitate the pile of the rug, bringing the lanolin in the wool fibers to the surface. This makes the wool shinier and softer, and provides stain resistance. Sweeping helps remove pet hair and dry materials, simply sweep it to the floor and vacuum off the rug. If you really want to vacuum your rug, use the bare floor attachment as it’s the gentlest. Sweeping is also a great option because it smooths the fringes of your rug, while not sucking them up and damaging them like a vacuum cleaner would. When removing pet hair, start in the center of the rug and vacuum towards the edges instead of moving back and forth – this protects the rug’s fringe.

Benefits of Professional Rug Cleaning

A high quality professional clean helps prevent the rug’s appearance from being affected underneath layers of staining and soil – a process that happens slowly and gradually, but causes real damage. Only professional cleaning can remove the dust that’s been worked into the surface of the rug. Professional rug cleaning can provide the necessary deep cleaning and odor removal that’s simply not possible in an amateur attempt. Professional cleaning utilizes a double process of dustin gand washing, all tailored to the specific make of the rug. Hand knotted rugs are dusted and washed, while tufted rugs are more complicated due to their unique yarn texture and after market treatments. A professional rug cleaner can determine the proper cleaning method for your type of rug, and quickly identify a rug’s make and model, whether it’s hand knotted, machine made, made of cotton, or wool – and help you clean it in a much more thorough, safe, efficient, and easy fashion than you could ever hope to do by yourself.

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