Common carpet cleaning mistakes

Cleaning carpets inside your home can take a lot of time, but it’s a necessary activity in terms of keeping them in tip top shape. Consider your carpets and floors an investment; and in doing so, it’s important to be aware of common mistakes that people make when they’re cleaning their carpets and rugs. Here’s the most common mistakes people make when cleaning their carpets, as prepared by the experts at Aladdin Oriental Rug Services.


All Purpose Cleaners

These cleaners might work fine on hard surfaces but they are absolutely not a good choice for rugs or carpets. They contain extremely abrasive chemicals that can damage carpets seriously, so we would advise making sure that all purpose cleaners are safe to use on carpets before you use them.



You might feel a strong impulse to scrub stains with wet paper towels – but you should resist this impulse. Scrubbing can tear the tightly wrapped, heat-sealed fibers that make up carpets, and actually impact the stains much deeper inside these torn fibers. This can cause major dark spots in the carpets, and change its texture. If you’re hell-bent on scrubbing, try using a half white vinegar and half water mixture, and lightly brush it with an old toothbrush.


Testing Cleaning Products

Make sure to test all cleaning products on a small hidden patch of your carpet before using it. This helps you determine whether the cleaning products are safe to use, and won’t bleach or ruin your carpet or rug fibers. Don’t ever apply a cleaning product to the entire rug or carpet before testing it first because you’re not sure how it will relax.


Professional Cleaning Services

There’s people out there who consider professional cleaning a waste of time or running. However, these people are decidedly wrong. Professional carpet and rug cleaning is much more affordable than many people think – and if you’re always cleaning stains from children or pets, a professional rug and carpet cleaner can certainly take off some of the pressure that might be affecting you. Professional carpet and rug cleaners use special high pressure steam machine technology and carpet and rug safe cleaning solutions that deep clean all the way down to the padding, while avoiding the risk of mold or mildew that comes with excess moisture.

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