Carpet Cleaning Vs. Rug Cleaning

Similar terms, different processes

You’d be surprised how many people don’t know the difference between carpets and rugs. Usually the terms are somewhat interchangeable on a vernacular level, but in fact they refer to different processes. In this blog post I’ll detail the differences between carpet cleaning and rug cleaning.

Carpet cleaning refers to cleaning pre-installed wall to wall carpets. There’s many potential methods one can use to do so, but hot water extraction is one of the best methods of removing impacted and embedded allergens, mold, dirt, and dust.

Rug cleaning

This refers to the cleaning of removable rugs that can be rolled up. This process entails sanitization with spray – in cases of odor damage due to pet urine- in order to kill any remaining bacteria. Afterwards, the rug will be completely immersed in a solution that neutralizes the heavy alkaline salts within the urine, allowing for a more complete removal of the urine residue. After the rug has absorbed the neutralizer for enough time, it will be rinsed off, and wrung out to remove all moisture. This part of the process gets rid of any odor.

The rug will now be given a hand scrub on both sides with a shampoo specifically matched for the rug’s material and construction. After the rug receives a thorough hand washing, it will be rinsed off and wrung out again, groomed with a brush, and hung to dry in a climate controlled heat room. After the rug dries, it will be closely inspected for any remaining soil, stains, or spots. If there any, the rug will be subjected to the entire process again. It’s worthwhile to note that it is completely essential that all water and moisture from the rug is thoroughly extracted – as it needs to be completely dry.

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