NJ Rug Cleaning Facility

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In-house Rug Cleaning for Superior Service

Our professional rug cleaning facility offers our customers the possibility to have their rugs and carpets cleaned at a far more extensive and lasting level than that of the services offered by other rug cleaning agencies. Not only are home cleanings usually not fully effective, they only last for a short period of time. The advanced and professional equipment at our New Jersey Rug Cleaning Facility allows us to clean carpets and rugs to a much more thorough degree - one that actually fully removes all particulates from the rug, making it safer for allergy-sensitive homes, as well as allowing it to stay clean for much longer than rugs cleaned through amateur techniques.

Rug Cleaning Expert Equipment

Not all stains are the same. Certain stains can be removed through improvised techniques using household products - but unfortunately, many other stains are simply too stubborn and indelible for these techniques to be effective. That is, unless you’re working with Aladdin. Our expert rug cleaners have access to professional equipment not available to consumers - as well as years of experience that allows us to quickly identify the source of a stain, and it’s best possible treatment modality. When you let Aladdin handle your silk, wool, Persian, or antique rugs and carpets, you’re guaranteeing yourself results; and a pristine carpet or rug that will remain pristine for years to come!